​​​Tazer:  Just when you think what on earth all these savannahs get their good looks from another one steps out!  Cute, cute.  He can be yours.  He is full of love and ready for action. $ 600 \​T​his guy is sold now!!

 ​Lazer:  The picture doesn't do this guy justice.  He has a lot of golden brown on his face and legs and body.  He's going to be a looker.  Sale priced at $600.  Or put a holding deposit on him before he gets away!!!!

Nuggett:  This little guy is a also a loving guy.  He likes to watch everything you do (really thinking he could do it with you).  He will require love and someone to play with.  Is it you!  A holding deposit will make it all possible now $ 600.​.

Ameretta:  What a beauty, warm coloring with a light back ground.  Nice dark spotting.  A very sweet personality.  Would make someone a queen.  Pet price $ 1200 add $ 500 for breeding rights.

 ​Copper:  Connect the spots and it becomes another fantastic male savannah kitten.  What a kitten!  He will be looking to become the head of someone family.  Now 10 weeks old.  Now $500


  • ​Hand raised in our home, not a cage.
  • Health certificates on both queen and king.
  • Beautiful TICA Registered Savannah kittens!

"King Tut":  This golden male fits in a lot of breeders program.  Nice golden color with dark spotting F6SBT priced at $1500 pet price add $ 500 for breeding rights. This hansome hunk is ​sold.

​Next 5 are F6SBT 5 wks old 9/10.

​Topaz:  Nice warm colored female.  Good size and very affectionate. Pet price at $1200 add $ 500 for breeding rights

​Ruby:  Nice darker warm colored with dark spotting.  Curious plus.  Priced at $1000 pet price add $ 500 for breeding rights.

​Bella:  This little female is the smallest in the litter but the biggest heart.  First to land in your lap for lovin.  Priced at $ 750 pet price.

Rocky: What a fun kitten. loaded with nice dark spotting.  Look at that cute face!  This little guy is going to make a fun future. Sold!!!!

​First 5 are F6SBT 10 wks old. 9/17  These guys have made their 1st trip to vet and 1st shots.



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  • Easy process and beautiful kittens!
  • We love these kittens before you do!